Another great idea from Inman Orthodontic Laboratories Inc.

Introducing the LifeTime Lingual ™ permanent retainer (patent pending)

The LifeTime Lingual or LTL is a new concept in final retention. Unlike current lingual retainers there is not a stainless steel wire or bonding pads. There is no worry about hygiene issues or the pads becoming loose and teeth relapsing. Instead the LTL is made from a high strength, easy to bond ceramic material that can be tooth shade matched.

Appliance Standard

Current lingual retainers have individual pads that can debond allowing teeth to move and relapse. The wire can collect food, tartar and plaque can accumulate making hygiene difficult. Some patients complain that the silver color from the pads and wire show through making their teeth look grey from the facial. And a few patients find the wire irritates and need to resort to wax to protect their tongue.

Appliance Lifetimelingual

Braided Wire Appliance Braided wire retainers with composite pads can have most the same issues as the all metal lingual retainer. The braided wire can easily be deformed making the appliance active creating unwanted tooth movement and relapse.

Appliance Lifetimelingual

LifeTime Lingual ™ The LTL is smooth to the tongue and patients say “I don't even know it's there, it feels like part of my teeth". Due to the intimate fit and the ceramic make up, bonding strength is extremely strong and reliable. Due to the hard smooth ceramic food does not stick, hygiene is easy eliminating problems with tarter and plaque.

Why Permanent Retention? Studies show that orthodontic retention must be used for life or most patients will have dental relapse. Using a bonded retainer eliminates compliance issues and insures your patient’s orthodontic result remains corrected. This not only makes for happy patients but could also increase referrals.

This is a new concept and has been tested for only months not years. Although we feel the appliance will last many years and maybe a lifetime, at this time we can only warranty the LifeTime lingual for one year. Some dental professionals feel that the small but normal mobility of natural teeth could cause the ceramic to fail over time. So far in our trial studies this has not happened, we have not had any breakage.

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